Interactive restaurant in Tokyo changes dining experience

The F&B scene is changing fast. Interactive restaurants are slowly emerging, one of them having a completely interactive interior providing diners with a multi-sensory experience, in Tokyo’s Ginza district.

It was designed and created by teamLab, an art collective from Japan who has done various interactive projects around Japan as well as in other countries such as USA and China.

Located in Sagaya Restaurant, the immersive space in the “Tsukihana” room combines the aesthetics of Japan in the form of different senses such as taste, smell, hearing, and sight.

Only eight guests are served per day, an indication of the restaurant’s exclusivity. While they dine, projections of nature are formed on the canvas surface of the restaurant walls and tables.

The digital artwork is titled ‘Worlds Unleashed and then Connecting’.

“When a dish is placed on the table, the scenic world contained within the dish is unleashed, unfolding onto the table and into the surrounding space.

For example, a bird painted on a ceramic dish is released from the dish and can perch on the branch of a tree that has been unleashed from a different dish,” explained teamLab.

Designed to reflect Japan’s changing seasons, this interactive installation effectively creates an environment of constant change.

Interestingly, the projections are also influenced by the diners’ gestures and behaviours during the meal.

“If you are still, a tiny bird might alight on your hand; if you move suddenly, it might fly away,” says the designers.






Source: designboom

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