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Studio Ghibli theme park to open in 2020

Studio Ghibli fans, it is time to save up and plan a trip to Nagakute, in Japan’s Aichi prefecture, for a once in a lifetime adventure… and you have three years to prepare. A Studio Ghibli theme park is due to open at the Expo 2005

Have your own cosy space in the outdoors with MUJI Hut

Who would have thought that mega Japanese retail brand MUJI is now involved in building structures, albeit small ones? Come this autumn, the company will be releasing their very own MUJI Hut in Japan. A versatile version of a vacation home, it can be easily transported and can be

Claim these benefits when your flight is delayed or cancelled

You’re at the airport, excitedly waiting to board your flight to go on holiday or returning to your ‘home sweet home’, when suddenly you hear the announcement that your flight is delayed – or even worse, cancelled. Well, according to Section 12(1) of the Malaysian Aviation Consumer

Wired Hotel in Asakusa based on local community concept

Newly opened Wired Hotel in the Asakusa district of Tokyo proudly call themselves a “Local Community Hotel”. Basically, the hotel aims to create a communal ground for travellers and locals to converge in the same place. In order for effective communication to take place, the